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Request Actions on Identity Management Systems Approval Forms


An identity management system will allow the user submit a request, which most of the times will follow for an approval process.

The most basic approval process is asking to the manager for an approval. Thru an approval form the manager might have the following options to respond the user request:

  • Approve Request
    • The approver on schedule approves the request accepting the information displayed on the form, applications and permissions specified.
  • Deny Request
    • The approver denies the request due a lack of information or due the user does not need access to the system. Usually a comment box is displayed to explain the deny reason to the user and the Identity Management System will email the user.
  • Delegate Request
    • The approver might need some days off, vacations or is busy doing some priority task, and then you can configure your identity management system to forward all the approvals to someone else. The identity system might allow the approver specify some time frame for the delegation activities.
  • Ask Question
    • The approver might need some clarification for the request and some identity management system will allow you to “Ask a Question” to a co-worker or any other person required. This option will usually allow the approver ask the question and the identity management system will email the person who need to respond it. As soon is responded the approver will be notified by email and be able to approve or deny the request.
  • Reject Request.
    • The identity management system automatically rejects the request if it is not approved before the specified timeout period. This is also called auto-denied.
  • Escalate the approval.
    • Identity management system automatically escalates the request to another approver if the request is not approved before the specified timeout period. The escalation usually goes to the manager’s manager.
  • Execute a task.
    • Identity management system automatically executes an alternate task if the approval request is not approved before the specified timeout period.
  • Withdrawn Request
    • Usually the request is withdrawn by the requester and depending on the workflow step sometimes the request cannot be withdrawn.

Gabriel is a Security & Identity and Access Management Architect at ICSynergy International. He currently specializes in One Identity Management products, and has recently expanded his repertoire to include Cloud Identity solutions. Gabriel enjoys exploring other products like ForgeRock, Okta, JumpCloud, Sailpoint,, and many others sharing technical knowledge on this web site.