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One Identity Manager 8.1 Released

One Identity Manager 8.1 is a minor release with new functionality and improved behavior.

New Features:

  • One Identity Manager uses In-Memory OLTP ((Online Transactional Processing) for memory optimized data access. 
  • Support for granular permissions at server and data level.
  • The front-ends check whether the user has the required permissions before starting up. Users can only start up front-ends if they own permissions groups for the corresponding program functions. 
  • Role based permissions groups can be assigned to an application. 
  • One Identity Manager logoffs can be written to the system journal.
  • Improved OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect configuration.
  • Extended support of JSON Web Key for OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect authentication.
  • Database encryption uses RSA encryption with Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding (OAEP).
  • The Operations Support Web Portal has essentially been recreated as an HTML5 application.
  • Users who self-register for the Web Portal, receive a confirmation email with a link to a confirmation page. 
  • Implementation of Secure Password Extension to allow users to access the Password Reset Portal over the Windowslogin screen. 
  • The Windows system monitor shows you performance data for target system synchronization. 

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