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One Identity Manager 8.1 – New Feature LogoffAudit

One Identity Manager 8.1 recently released incorporate a new configuration parameter that will allow One Identity Manager logoffs be written to the system journal.

To enable this, set the configuration parameter Common | Journal | LogoffAudit. Login to the Designer tool to perform the configuration changes.

By default these settings are disabled.

One Identity Manager – Designer Tool – Configuration
  • Select the Common\Journal\LoginAudit to enable Logs successful logins to the One Identity Manager.
  • Select the Common\Journal\LogoffAudit to enable Logs logouts from the One Identity Manager .

One Identity Manager – Designer Tool – Configuration

Now you can try login with any existing employee. Go to the One Identity Manager Web Portal an introduce any valid credentials.

Now, you can verify the logs are being recorded in the System Journal.

One Identity Manager – JobQueueInfo Tool – System Journal

Additionally Logins and logoffs are available for analysis in the QBM_VDialogJournalLoginAudit view.

One Identity Manager – Object Browser Tool –
QBM_VDialogJournalLoginAudit view

One Identity Manager 8.1 include others new features that will be shared in future post.

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