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OpenAM Web-Based Console and Enabling OpenAM SSO Admins Commands

OpenAM offers a Web-Based console to do some administrative operations, of course you can do the same task thru OpenAM Command-Line Tools. Once you completed the OpenAM Installation you can access to the OpenAM web-based console as an OpenAM administrator. The default administrator account on OpenAM is amadmin with the password you set during the installation. The URL to open in your browser is something like http(s)://computerip-computername:port/openam/console ( (i.e.

Remember the protocol could be HTTP or HTTP based in your installation preferences.

Below is screenshot of the OpenAM Web-Based Console:

Another task you might want to do after explorer the OpenAM Web-Based console is enabling the OpenAM SSO admin commands. By defaults these are disabled for the OpenAM Web-Based. Here are the steps required to enable it:


  1. Login as OpenAm Administrator, use the default account called amadmin
  2. Click on the Configuration -> Server and Sites tabs and under the Server List click the link to your openSSO server
  3. ON the Advance Tab add a new property that enables ssoadm.jsp.

Property Name


Property Value


  1. Browse to ssoadm.jsp to check that it is enabled.

The URL is something like


The results are :