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Change Password for Directory Manager in Forgerock OpenDJ

How to change Password for Directory Manager OpenDJ

A common task during the directory server operations is to change password for users and administrators.

One of the most important accounts for directory server OpenDJ is the Directory Manager Account (cn=Directory Manager ), and change password for directory manager become an important step during your OpenDJ deployment.

A common question is how to change password for directory manager? Here we give you the steps to change password for directory manager in OpenDJ.

To complete this task you need to:

  • Stop OpenDJ
  • Execute encode password command

o encode-password.bat -s SSHA512 -c Password1dm
The command will return the encoded password like this:

Encoded Password: “{SSHA512}130QTBPnwZYPPxYSLSj6j2XAO10yu8perWhfNF/jQUz129Pv41h0v3P3aifawaouIVTYuQTWTYd0lVtmiwofFBOZjrPPA5iu

  • Copy the output without the quotation marks
  • Edit the %forgerock%\OpenDJ\config\config.ldif file.
  • Search for dn: cn=Directory Manager,cn=Root DNs,cn=config
  • Replace the value of userPassword with the newly generated one ( the one you did copy without the quotation mark).
  • Restart the OpenDJ server

Now that you restarted the server you’ll be asking for the new Directory Manager password.