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Unimax Introduces HelpOne — A Help Desk Application for Voicemail Password Resets and Other MACs

Unimax Systems Corporation®, a leading provider of employee self service, telecom reporting and MAC administration software, today unveiled a new Unified Voice Administration tool called HelpOne at the International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) Converge2013 conference in Orlando, FL.

HelpOne is an easy-to-use web-based application which enables tier one help desk agents to immediately reset an employee’s voicemail password, phone PIN, speed dials, zero out extension, call forwarding numbers, simultaneous ring settings, phone labels, voicemail notification preferences (i.e. via phone, email, text, etc.), find me settings, and more without the assistance of voice engineers.

Changes are immediate. No waiting. No work tickets. No frustration. HelpOne handles changes for phone AND voicemail systems in single AND multi-vendor environments all on ONE screen. Changes are sent directly to the phone and voicemail systems, eliminating the time and expense of a typical work ticket process. HelpOne is compatible with systems from Avaya®/Nortel®, Cisco®, AVST®, and Microsoft®.

“With HelpOne, overburdened and understaffed telecom departments finally have a way to shift focus away from costly, redundant MACs to more critical work tickets and strategic initiatives,” said Phil Moen, Unimax President and CEO. “Making this change will ease the stress put on telecom teams while reducing operational expense and improving service levels. There is no other product on the market that enables help desk agents to make immediate changes to so many phone and voicemail settings across so many vendor systems all on a single screen while the employee is still on the phone. The big winners here are telecom and IT managers who are responsible for cost reduction and finding the time to get everything done. HelpOne makes it possible to off-load a significant percentage of telecom support calls and their related work tickets from highly trained and paid telecom engineers to help desk agents. The result is a significant amount of savings that can be applied to other initiatives such as SIP, BYOD, Video, Mobility, Virtualization, etc. With HelpOne, telecom departments can fully leverage the significant benefits of using the help desk that other areas of the business like IT have realized for years.”

“A key requirement of HelpOne was to develop a tool that was easy to use even for help desk agents without telecom experience,” said Teresa Dixon, Unimax Director of Product Management. “HelpOne takes the complexity and telecom jargon out of what is typically provided in MAC administration solutions. The process to complete a typical telecom MAC can include dozens of steps and take days or even weeks to complete. HelpOne simplifies that process to just a few mouse clicks and can be completed immediately while the employee needing help is still on the phone,” said Dixon. “Another requirement included making HelpOne configurable. Not all companies want to enable the help desk to make the same changes. With HelpOne, a telecom or IT department can configure which settings can be viewed and changed by a help desk agent. Also configurable are the field labels and associated help text, to ensure that the roll out is uniquely fit to each specific customer environment.”

Unimax will host a webinar to introduce and demonstrate HelpOne on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 1:00 pm (Central). To register, visit the official HelpOne webinar registration site. For additional information, please visit the HelpOne website at The website contains detailed product information, screen shots, examples, a HelpOne white paper and much more.

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