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Bulk Load Utility in Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2 at Glance

As you probably know the Oracle Identity Manager is documented enough, but sometimes it takes you hours to get into some particular topic.

Following bullets highlight some topics about the Bulk Load Utility in Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2:

  • The Bulk Load utility is aimed at automating the process of loading a large amount of data into Oracle Identity Manager.
  • The utility is found at
    • MIDDLEWARE_HOME/Oracle_IDM1/server/db/oim/oracle/Utilities/oimbulkload
    • This directory contains the following sample CSV files
      • MIDDLEWARE_HOME/Oracle_IDM1/server/db/oim/oracle/Utilities/oimbulkload/sample_data
  • The Bulk Load utility can load users, accounts, roles, role hierarchy, role membership, and role category data.
  • Data can be loaded from a single or multiple CSV files or a database table.
  • After bulk loading of OIM User data, password change at first login is enforced because a dummy password is used during the operation.
  • Main scripts that constitute the utility
    • oim_blkld.bat and
      • script contains the code to perform bulk load operations
    • oim_blkld_setup.sql
      • script is used to add a datafile in the Oracle Identity Manager tablespace and provide additional grants to the Oracle Identity Manager database user to perform required operations during Bulk Load.
  • Temporary Tables
      • If you are using a CSV file as the input source, then the utility automatically creates the OIM_BLKLD_TMP_SUFFIX table and first loads data from the CSV file into this table.
      • If there are multiple CSV files, then one table is created for each file.
      • The OIM_BLKLD_EX_SUFFIX table is used to hold data records that fail (are not loaded into Oracle Identity Manager) during a bulk load operation.
      • During a bulk load operation, the utility inserts progress and error messages in the OIM_BLKLD_LOG table.