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Default Users for Oracle Identity manager 11gR2PS2 (

Default Users for Oracle Identity manager 11gR2PS2 (

Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) has three default user accounts:


Allidm- Oracle-Identity-manager-oim-11gR2PS2-default-users



• This account is the OIM administrator (super-user) and is created during installation.
• Password for this account created during installation.


• Account used for integrating SOA and Oracle Identity Manager by using the ‘User Role Provider’ implementation.
• When SOA is reconfigured to use LDAP-based user-role provider, Oracle Identity Manager does not require this account.
• Account created during installation


• Account is set to a ‘run as’ user for Message Driven Beans (MDBs) executing JMS messages.
• Account created during installation and used internally by Oracle Identity Manager.
• Password of this account is set to a single space character in Oracle Identity Manager database to prevent user login through Oracle Identity Manager Design console or Oracle Identity Manager System Administration Console

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