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Dell Password Manager Secure Extension (GINA) Screens

Dell Password Manager Secure Extension (GINA) Screens

Secure Password Extension is an application that provides one-click access to the complete functionality of the Self-Service site from the Windows logon screen. Secure Password Extension also provides dialog boxes displayed on end-user computers, these dialog boxes notify users who must create or update their Questions and Answers profiles with Password Manager.

Below an example how the Dell Password Manager Secure Extension (GINA) Screen looks like for Windows 7


1. After you press CTRL + ALT + DEL Select Change a Password




2. From the screen select Forgot my Password



After you Select Forgot My Password the Dell Password Manager Secure Extension ( known as Quest One Password Manager)  load the Password Manager Self-Service Page. Here you can find your user account and reset your password.



Also, As part of the initial setup for each user is necessary to register with  Password Manager. Password Manager will display a window reminding the users about the pending registration.