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Create New Identity in Sailpoint IdentityIQ

Create New Identity in Sailpoint IdentityIQ

Below screenshot with some steps required to create a new identity withing Sailpoint IdentityIQ

  1. Select Create Identity from the MANAGE IDENTITY section in the dashboard.


2. The Create New Identity form is displayed. Here fill the user information.


3. A confirmation page is displayed. Here click submit to complete the new identity process.


4. Sailpoint IdentityIQ will return to the Dashboard page. Here you will see a message notifying you that the request was submitted.


5. At this point the identity was created. To verify you need to go to the Define Menu and Select Identities


6. Sailpoint IdentityIQ will display the list of user that currently exist Here you will see the user previously created.


Sailpoint IdentityIQ has lot of features, keep checking our web site for more quick reviews.