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Installing Dell One Identity Manager 7.0

Installing Dell One Identity Manager 7.0

Following are the steps required for the initial installation for Dell One Identity Manager 7.0.  You can download the installation bits from

  1. Go to the folder where you unzipped the installation files and execute the autorun, once running you will see the following screen and click on the Install button


2. Select the Language Default and click Next


3. Accept the license agreement and click Next


4. Review the installation source folder  and click Next


5. Select the components to be installed. Select Workstation and all of them based on the screen below. Click Next 


6. The installation process for Dell One Identity Manager 7.0 will start. Click Next Once is completed


7. Th screen displaying the installation result appears. Click Finish 


8. A this point we installed the D1IM tools, now we need to proceed and install the Dell One Identity Manager database. Click  Next 


9. Select your connection data the DB type. On this sample select SQL Server and specify the DB server and the SQL account to be used to create the DB. Make sure your SQL service account have the right permissions. Click  Next


10. Now specify the Database name and the Initial size. For this sample we will use 1 GB test database. Click  Next


11. Now we need to specify the Customer fullname  and the password for the viAdmin. Remember viAdmin is the default administrator account for Dell One Identity Manager.  Click Next


12. Now the Database installation will startDell-Identity-Manager-D1IM-Installation-12

13. Wait for the installation to complete the process


14. One is completed you will see the next button available. Click Next


15. Now Dell One Identity Manager 7.0 will ask you to configure the Job Server. For now select the check box to Skip service installation  and click Next


16. At this point we installed the D1IM database,click Finish


Now we are ready to continue with the Job Service configuration that will cover in other post. Keep checking our blog post to learn more about Dell One Identity Manager 7.0

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