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Managing Macs through a SaaS-Based Platform

Managing Macs through a SaaS-Based Platform

Smart organizations are leveraging SaaS-based services to manage their Mac desktops and laptops. Whether the organization has AD or LDAP already on-premises or they are leveraging Google Apps, these SaaS-based services managing Mac devices are a simple, cost-effective, and secure way to return control over these devices to IT admins.
The Directory-as-a-Service Difference

Directory-as-a-Service is perhaps the simplest and most effective SaaS-based approach. A small, lightweight agent is installed on each Mac and the agent then communicates securely to the SaaS-based console. From the console, IT admins can create, delete, and modify users. They can patch machines and check on configurations remotely. Troubleshooting and fixing problems is possible regardless of where the device is or what network it is connected to.

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