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Webinar: Understanding Proxy-Based Privileged Password/Session Management

Understanding Proxy-Based Privileged Password/Session Management

Privileged password management and privileged session management are both important security technologies getting a lot of attention right now as we look for ways to better protect the keys to the kingdom from mimikatz derivatives and all the other trends in play right now. It’s allow about sequestering privileged credentials and carefully choreographing access to them. Or better yet, not even providing access to them but facilitating use of them.

I would go so far as to say that PPM/PSM, done right, is far more effective and less disruptive than going through all the work to implement the so-called red-forest plan. (It doesn’t have to be an either/or choice though; you can do both). Some might take issue with my claiming PPM/PSM is less disruptive but that’s why I say “done right”. When administrators are forced to go through a portal and workflow process every time they need to administer a system you may face some real pushback. There are advantages to a portal based workflow approach to PPM/PSM because you can capture information like ticket numbers to link to the session for approval and audit purposes and to enhance accountability.

In this real-training for free ™ webinar, I’ll show you how the 2 main privileged session management protocols (RDP and SSH) work in general terms. Then I’ll explain how putting a privilege management proxy in the middle of that protocol stream allows you to implement:

-Session recording with searchable metadata
-Password sequestering
-Approval rules
-2-factor authentication
-Risk mitigation of compromised admin PCs
-Audit and compliance reporting

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