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OpenAM interop with the Vordel Gateway

The next post show you some screen about OpenAM interop with the Vordel Gateway. Read more here…

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WSO2 Software Architect to Speak About Cloud Identity Management at KuppingerCole European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012

WSO2 today announced that Prabath Siriwardena, WSO2 software architect and chair of WSO2’s integration technologies management committee, will speak as a panelist at the KuppingerCole European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012. The session, “Extending Your Identity and Access Management into the Cloud,” is part of the event’s Cloud Identity and Access track on Wednesday, April […]

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Innovators in networking and security, create new approach to securing networks based on Identity

BlackRidge Technology, the Identity network company, today introduced the launch of its innovative Identity Aware Networking solution, BlackRidge Eclipse(TM). BlackRidge Eclipse is designed to provide innovative, proactive protection to network resources by preventing attackers from performing reconnaissance of high-value and mission-critical network assets, and by denying them the ability to communicate anonymously. “Enterprises have long […]

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Tivoli Identity Management -Effectively Managing a Company’s Security

These days, with the digital world evolving at the pace it does, the identity management demands put forth by a large number of companies heavily exceed what most management systems are capable of offering. There are too many companies out there who a few years ago only needed to manage a few thousand people whereas […]

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The Foundational Role of Identity in a Personal Cloud

If we’re to build personal clouds supported by a cloud operating system (COS), then we need to understand the key services that the COS would provide to the user. Operating systems are not monolithic pieces of software, but rather interlocking collections of services. One of the most important things to figure out is how a […]

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OpenStack Advances Cloud Management and Identity in Essex Release

The Essex release has a strong focus on cloud stability as a result of a release cycle change to allow for more quality assurance time. The OpenStack Diablo release came out in September 2011 after a six-month release cycle. With Essex, it was again a six-month release cycle, but the QA time was tripled and […]

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Cloud Identity management for e-Healthcare

Right now the Canadian government is working on creating a strategy for cloud adoption within various government agencies. There are a lot of great benefits to centralizing and updating public services, but the minute you move to a distributed type of environment, there are suddenly many more security factors that must be taken into account. […]

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DoD to use iris scans, fingerprints for building security

The Defense Department is preparing two large scale tests to prove whether biometrics can control who enters military facilities without impeding the flow of traffic. For more than a decade, DoD has used fingerprints, iris scans and facial recognition technology to detect terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq and in other countries. But as an approach to […]

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Courion among leaders advocating SCIM standard for cloud-based identity and access management

Courion Corporation, the leader in identity and access management (IAM) for access risk, last week helped demonstrate interoperability of products using the new SCIM (Simple Cloud Identity Management) specification for cloud-based identity management. Courion demonstrated the company’s capabilities to support SCIM as both a client and server at the SCIM Interop event held at the […]

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Ping Identity Launches Certified Service Partner Program

Ping Identity®, The Cloud Identity Security Leader™, today announced its Certified Service Partner Program. Over the last three months Ping Identity has certified 35 consultants from 11 North American service partners including Amerindia, Bluewolf, Commoveo, CSC, CTI, GuidePoint Security, Insyndia, KPMG, Seros, Solstice and OnWire Consulting. By becoming a Ping Identity Certified Service Partner, organizations […]

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