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SailPoint AccessIQ delivers Cloud Solution

SailPoint AccessIQ is a product to manage your cloud and offers the ability to the users to log into applications without remembering all those passwords, while IT makes sure they’re signing on securely. The browser-based App Launchpad provides a clean, smartphone-like icon layout for application access. To further improve productivity, quick links (“approve expense report,” […]

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Handling Hybrid Applications in Oracle ESSO

If you are looking to Handling Hybrid Applications in Oracle ESSO, the next article provided by will explain you little bit about it. In a recent project involving Oracle ESSO (Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On, a Desktop-based Single Sign-On solution that Oracle acquired from Passlogix in 2011), I stated to the customer that Oracle ESSO […]

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Industry Trends Driving Identity Management with Microsoft

If you are looking for some information about Identity Manager and the cloud, here is a video with a Microsoft identity manager expert discussing some Industry trend driving identity management. As you probably know cloud is coming as a key piece in the identity and access manager space.

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Comparing Identity Management Suites

It’s not easy to start an analysis for the all Identity Management Suites around the world, but this table is an initial effort that will be updated in two major inputs. A Vendor, Solution, Enthusiastic, Collaborator, Anyone contact us with their input entries We’ll keep checking products as much as we can and update the […]

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Oracle Identity Management Acronyms

Oracle it might be one of the products that many companies will have installed, for sure the Oracle Database. But when it comes to the Identity Management space, the oracle products could give you a hard time to understand the all different products and the purpose. Next is the acronym list for the products covered […]

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