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Five Top Tips To Get Started On Your Identity And Access Management Strategy

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Five Top Tips To Get Started On Your Identity And Access Management Strategy Managing user access to systems and data is a critical element of information security and the foundation to protecting data from misuse or theft. As organisations add services such as cloud and mobile, and new regulations come into effect like GDPR, controlling […]

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CIO tips and scope of IAM solution

Tips and scope of IAM solution Binod Singh CEO Ilantus shared enterprise CIO tips to improve productivity and efficiency. Ilantus recently announced Hosting Express – an IAM solution delivery framework to address the market needs. With technologies such as BYOD, Cloud and Big Data, Identity and Access Management (IAM) continues to be the major component […]

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Redirect email notifications to a File in Dell Identity Manager(DIdM) formerly Quest One Identity Manager (Q1IM)

Identity Management Technical Details

Redirect email notifications to a File in Dell Identity Manager(DIdM)  formerly Quest One Identity Manager (Q1IM) As a developer sometimes it might be easy to redirect the notification to an email for unit testing before move to a test environment to for the User Acceptance Testing with real email notification to the users. To redirect […]

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ImportError: no module named security during the OPSS Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2 Installation

Identity Management Technical Details

When trying to Configuring OPSS Security Store running the following error might happen: Problem invoking WLST – Traceback (innermost last): File “/appserver/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_IDM1/common/tools/”, line 15, in ? ImportError: no module named security     This erros is due in plain weblogic environment the WLST is called from wl_server/common/bin however in Oracle Fusion Middleware environment you […]

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Oracle Identity Manager Error – ORA-12516: TNS:listener could not find available handler with matching

Identity Management Error

One of the most common reasons for the TNS-12516  error is the configured maximum number of PROCESSES and/or SESSIONS limitation being reached. When this occurs, the service handlers for the TNS listener become “Blocked” and no new connections can be made. Remember for Oracle Identity Manager a minimum value for Open Cursors and Processes is […]

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N8 Identity Introduces Eight Identity and Access Management Tips for Proactive Compliance

* Make IAM a cross-business goal: Too many organizations push responsibility for IAM over to the IT department. Business processes that include all departments will make sure nothing falls through the cracks. * Solicit business involvement early: IT cannot solve the problem alone. They’re the custodians and the business is the end-user.  IT must engage […]

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Gartner urges social media to verify employees identity

Global IT consultancy Gartner today called up on the social media sites to provide a mechanism for “verifying the identity of employees, job candidates and customers”. Read more here…

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