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Stay Safe Online: Password Security and Identity Access Management

Stay Safe Online: Password Security and Identity Access Management Modern business sees employers and workers communicating, collaborating and accessing data on a global scale every second of the day. But if our drive for productivity is at an all-time high, the same cannot be said for the online security of our personal information. Employees engaging […]

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Identity and access management for 10 million users? No sweat!

Identity and access management for 10 million users? No sweat! What do you do when you are asked to build an identity and access management (IAM) system that can handle up to 10 million individual identities? You build it in the cloud, of course, where the dynamic elasticity can support the rigorous demands of the […]

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The Problem With Two-Factor Authentication

The failure of corporate security strategies to protect personal identity information from hackers resides more with system architecture than with authentication technology. Here’s why. For too long, enterprises have been looking for the perfect two-factor authentication. First, it was X.509, then hard tokens, then SMS, and now Push and biometrics. And still, hackers keep winning. […]

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Is your business keeping up with the evolution of identity and access management?

Although identity and access management, or IAM, may have been around for more than a dozen years, mid- to large-sized organizations that have implemented an IAM solution of some sort may not be ready for the fact that it is evolving rapidly due to the onslaught of new cloud and mobile technologies. With compliance pressures […]

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Identity Management In The Cloud

As companies add more cloud services to their IT environments, the process of managing identities is getting more complex. When companies use cloud services — services they don’t control themselves — they still must develop sound policies around role-based access. They still must grant rights to users who need information to get work done. And […]

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Oracle Announces Industry’s First Complete Identity Governance Solution

Oracle now provides the industry’s only complete Identity Governance solution that enables organizations to efficiently balance the objectives of access, security, and compliance, while enabling user self services to reduce total cost of ownership. Read more here…

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New Release of Quest One Identity Manager 6.1.1 Available for Download

Look What’s New: • Native support for SharePoint 2013 and Exchange 2013 (Quest One Identity Manager and Quest One Identity Manager-Active Directory Edition only) • This release contains fixes for previously reported product issues. See Release Notes for full details of corrections and improvements. Quest One Identity Manager 6.1.1

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Mirror Mirror: the difference between Identity Management & Access Management

One of the biggest misconceptions in cloud security is the perception that identity management (IDaaS) and access management (SSO) are the same thing. They’re not. And it took a viewing of the famous Star Trek episode called Mirror Mirror for me to best illustrate and articulate the difference between the creation and management of a […]

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N8 Identity Delivers Continuous Compliance And ROI With Identity And Access Management Platform

N8 Identity, Canada’s leading dedicated identity and access management (IAM) solution provider, today announced that corporate customers using its flagship product, Employee Lifecycle Manager® (ELM™), have realized both a significant improvement in identity and access compliance and millions of dollars’ worth of measurable business benefits. A major Canadian telco implementation resulted in cost reductions of […]

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EMC’s RSA Division Acquires the Aveksa IAM Company

Authentication lies at the heart of security — ensuring that only authorized users can access relevant data is the basis of keeping data safe and companies compliant. This is the role of identity and access management (IAM) systems. But in recent years it has become increasingly difficult. “It is no surprise to any of you […]

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