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Facebook launches social network for security pros

Facebook launches social network for security pros Facebook has launched another social network to help people connect — but this time it’s on a specific topic: cybersecurity. Called ThreatExchange, the website is designed for security experts and companies to collaborate and share information about online threats they’re seeing, such as malicious software and computer vulnerabilities, […]

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‘Heartbleed’ bug undoes Web encryption, reveals Yahoo passwords

‘Heartbleed’ bug undoes Web encryption, reveals Yahoo passwords A major new vulnerability called Heartbleed could let attackers gain access to users’ passwords and fool people into using bogus versions of Web sites. Some already say they’ve found Yahoo passwords as a result. The problem, disclosed Monday night, is in open-source software called OpenSSL that’s widely […]

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The Problem With Two-Factor Authentication

The failure of corporate security strategies to protect personal identity information from hackers resides more with system architecture than with authentication technology. Here’s why. For too long, enterprises have been looking for the perfect two-factor authentication. First, it was X.509, then hard tokens, then SMS, and now Push and biometrics. And still, hackers keep winning. […]

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Simeio Solutions Wins Prestigious Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year – North America in Security and Identity Management

Oracle today awarded Simeio Solutions with its 2013 Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year – North America in Security and Identity Management. The award reflects Simeio Solution’s success in adopting OPN’s Specialized approach which is aimed at enabling partners to establish industry recognition by following a formal process to become Specialized in […]

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N8 Identity Unveils Identity and Access Governance Solution: ELM for Retail

N8 Identity, Canada’s leading dedicated identity and access management (IAM) solution provider, today announced the release of Employee Lifecycle Manager for Retail™. This new product, based on N8 Identity’s flagship IAM solution Employee Lifecycle Manager (ELM™), was designed to eliminate governance, access and risk problems unique to the retail industry. Retail industry requirements: Compliance on […]

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Intel’s McAfee brings biometric authentication to cloud storage

Intel is introducing new ideas to secure the public cloud, offering a service in which online files can be accessed after users are verified by an authentication scheme including face and voice recognition. McAfee, a unit of Intel, is adding a product called LiveSafe that will offer 1GB of online storage that can be accessed […]

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Change a User’s Password in OpenDJ

Identity Management Technical Details

Directory administrators are often asked to create, reset, or remove passwords for other users. The ldappasswordmodify utility enables you to change or reset a user’s password. The next code assumes that the user remembers his/her existing password and the new password is passed to the server. ldappasswordmodify –hostname localhost –port 389 –bindDN “cn=Directory Manager” –bindPassword […]

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Things to consider when you implement Identity Manager Approval Workflows

Identity and Access Management Articles

During the Identity Manager life-cycle implementation one of the most common scenarios is to define the Identity manager approval workflow or approval process. The approval process is a very important piece due this allow to the user have an account in one or more systems connected to the IDM solution with the sponsor of the […]

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9 Podcast from Oracle 11gR2 that you need to check – Identity R2 – Experts Podcast Series

Check the recorded Oracle R2 Podcast with subject matter experts from customer organizations, our partners and Oracle’s PM team to discuss key trends, R2 capabilities, implementation best practices and more. Check here and listen the Identity R2 – Experts Podcast Series

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RSA bolsters IAM solution with security enhancements

RSA has added new functions to its Identity and Access Management (IAM) suite to include extra security in hybrid IT environments. According to the company, the solutions are designed to address evolving security challenges that require new ways to manage and protect the growing number of users and device identities, as well as the exponential […]

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