Sailpoint IdentityIQ – Self-Service Registration

Sailpoint IdentityIQ – Self-Service Registration Self-service registration is a functionality provided by IdentityIQ product. By default this is disabled. You can enable this functionality using an administrator account (spaAdmin or another admin accounts) as part of the Lifecycle Manager product features. To turn it on in version 7.x of IdentityIQ, navigate to the gear and […]

Disabling Okta AD agents disconnects and reconnects notification

Disabling Okta AD agents disconnects and reconnects notification Okta cloud solution allows companies to import people from Active Directory,providing with the ability to synchronize changes to Okta and sign-in using your Windows network credentials. To integrate Okta and Active Directory an agent needs to be deployed. Okta provides a notification to the administrator every time […]

Forgerock OpenIDM 5.5: Enabling User Self-Registration

Forgerock OpenIDM 5.5 – Enabling User Self-Registration Forgerock Identity Mangaement allows you to confiugre user Self-Registration form.OpenIDM add the Self-Registration link in the login screen. This link allows new users to start an account registration process. After the initial OpenIDM installation the login page do not display the Self-Registration link. Login to the OpenIDM Admin […]